Friday, January 22, 2016

Fallout Newborn Session with Charlotte, 8 days old | NWI Family & Newborn Photographer

Oh my gosh, you GUYS. We have been working to make this session happen for the last few weeks before Miss Charlotte came into this world, and I am so excited to finally bring it to life! Here's to all you Fallout 4 fans!

It's a gamer dad's dream session for sure! Let's just say this is one session my husband was THRILLED to help plan!

Costume and headband made by me, props belong to my husband, and cute baby courtesy of Jason and Amber! Feel free to share with credit!

Have a great idea for a session? Let me know!!
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  1. These photos are very cute. Lottie is beautiful! <3 Love you all! Deb

  2. So... the kid HAS played fallout, yeah? Or are you forcing it on her like a religion? :P

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